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Stitch it in Time: GAN
title={Stitch it in Time: GAN-Based Facial Editing of Real Videos},
author={Rotem Tzaban and Ron Mokady and Rinon Gal and Amit H. Bermano and Daniel Cohen-Or},

StyleGAN has been widely used to edit realistic images of people, but editing videos poses an additional challenge to…

Yes, we often talk about the "why." However, I only focused on practical solutions that companies can already offer in the article:

But even so, the process of automation will not stop with products. One of the following tasks is to create a system that will help people make good…

Each of us is a curator, without necessarily needing any advice. We are all curators in the sense that we choose what we want to see and the only limitation is our own opinion. Everyone's arts activity should be included in this world of curation, where they can create their own definition and share it with others.

The "Everyone Create Art" project is a great contribution to culture change because it has been developed by an expert team of artists who have been enthusiastic about AI art ever since they opened their first VR art gallery in 2016. The idea was to break free from traditional cultural institutions and create a virtual life for everyone interested in art – which can now be done through AI on a single platform.

Data Driven Architecture

The Future of Design is Machine Learning

Archisuit Sarah Ross

This blog post explores how machine learning can help architects to create a sustainable environment for our future.

A potential future of architecture, where AI artists can do more than simply provide human insight but actually generate ideas that humans would never have had otherwise.

Sarah Ross’s Archisuits are a…

Dariusz Gross #DATAsculptor

teaching machines to sculpt | Join The Power of AI 🟠 🔵

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