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Medium has been and will always be a recommended source of learning and obtaining information.

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machine learning solutions

OK, time for a confession. I’m not perfect. I know that if you are reading this post, you are either an architect yourself or taking architecture classes, in which case your professor may be grading your papers on sustainability. So forgive me if, at the same time as I praise all the essential work that architects are doing, I also make a small confession to reflect on the effects of an architect’s work. It’s easy to build guilt-free buildings as no one has solved this problem before!

There’s no denying the fact that climate change is one of the most…

Machine Learning

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

This summer’s floods in Germany have killed over 210 people, and the economic costs are high. Many have been wondering why the emergency systems didn’t work.

In some communities in which power was disconnected, the sirens failed. In some places, there were no sirens to warn people. Instead, volunteer firefighters had to knock on doors to tell people what they should do. The German press reported that in the suburbs of Wuppertal, north of Cologne, a monk warned people with a medieval church bell. The sound of a centuries-old bell saved many people’s lives.

The greatest threats to humanity…


Photo by Mike van Schoonderwalt from Pexels

There are many different approaches used in engineering to create a solution. One of the most common is Minimalism, which is when you use the fewest possible words to provide the answer.

Straight to the point, just two words that generate the code.
I can safely say that in this article, I will be discussing the minimalist design approach to using Codex. The challenge is to generate code using the fewest possible words.
I have been dealing with the concept of the game since 1996. The title of my first article was Gadamer’s game theory. This is where the idea to…


generated by CODEX

Philosophers have prepared a basic code for the technology of the beginning 21st century. August 10th 2021 changes everything.

Where will this all lead? No one knows yet. The world has already changed, and it’s hard to say where it’s going to go from here. Anyone can create anything they can think of, and almost anyone can buy/sell that creation with ease. There are no barriers other than the ones you impose on yourself through your own decisions.

The philosophical roots of the AI revolution

René Girard, Marshall McLuhan, and Ayn Rand are three philosophers who provide the philosophical foundation…

Machine Learning

corpus christi created by model in the style of Siegfried Gross © 2020

One of the most common beliefs among humans is that people have a soul. Humans tend to believe that their soul makes them human and gives them something special, but this belief has no scientific merit.

The concept of a soul was created by humans to explain why they are special and how their consciousness works. It is an illusion that makes people believe what they do. One need only look at other animals to realize that this belief is false.

Humans need to believe in something that gives them a sense of security, and the soul is one such…

Great article, I appreciate reading it

"regularity, authenticity, perfection" are the most important factors, that is true.

"the most important difference between human art and AI art is their motivations." I think this is a very important point to make, and i agree.

We are naturally curious about the future of emerging technology. We want to know how it will affect Art in the future. I think ,the best creative work in the future will come from a combination of machine learning and human creativity.

I recommend reading the article by @Eva Rtology. It provides some background info to this

"How AI Creates Content That Humans Love"

Learning Better and Faster

Today, artificial intelligence is taking over the world. It can do so many things for us that it seems as if we are on a mission from God to save humanity. But what does it take to be part of this exciting industry? Here’s an article detailing how you can get recognized in your field.

How to get recognized in AI?

Step 1: Get a job in AI

If you don’t have prior experience in the industry, there are opportunities for new entrants. You can get jobs as developers, data scientists, or software engineers. These jobs may be non-technical such…

Creativity is a trait that is often associated with people who are considered to be geniuses. It seems like a quality that we admire and seek in others, but we rarely take the time to think about what it means to be creative.

The word “creative” can refer to anything from designing, composing, cooking delicious food, painting, or writing poems. All these things are manifested by a person who does unlimited and revealing work. When someone creates something on their initiative, it feels as if they have created something new and original out of nothing — something perhaps even…

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1 . “An exploration into Natural Language Processing with the Universal Studios dataset”

This article has supplied a lot of data about the process of Natural Language Processing, offering some convenient guides. This article also demonstrates, that although these tasks may seem difficult at first. Many resources can help with them. In addition to this article’s practical advice. …

Dariusz Gross #DATAsculptor

teaching machines to sculpt // Data Scientists must think like an Artist //

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